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Lecturer: Gabriela Zweng

Finally get support from your body.

The Body Whisper course is filled with the fundamentals of recovering your health and getting your life back. This content is tried and true and has been used to help countless clients in the past decade of my coaching experience. No matter what you are dealing with, these principles will support you as it strives to guide you to heal yourself. While I am not a doctor and cannot guarantee all your symptoms will magically go away (how I wish I could!!), I can assure you that they will at the very least, ease your suffering and put you on the track to deep healing.

Body Whisper Course

What You’ll Learn ✔️ 377 recent clicks

In this course you’ll learn how to become best friends with your body. Your body guides you through life and shows you directions, just listen.

Participate in Meditations and Movement practices that sharpen your awareness to become much more sensitive to the warning signs before sickness.

Most energy healers would never share their methodology, but Gabriela believes you deserve the truth. Experience remarkable awareness techniques.

You will heal your body and learn to understand and recognize your body's symptoms early to prevent any sickness.

21 Days of Videos with exercises, meditations and sharing of her experiences with her own body teach you the mindset to stay healthy and fit until your lifetime ends.

Learn to heal your body and share your experience with others.


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  • 21 days to connect to your body and become sensitive to its whispers
  • Exercise videos for increasing body awareness and activate the function of your organs
  • Useful tools for a mindful daily routine
  • Practical tips for how to react in difficult situations
  • Mental tools to maintain perfect health

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