A life-transforming online coaching program & self-paced digital course - guided by Gabriela - and designed to help you discover and achieve your dreams. Transforming your life in the process. Because you are so worth it. Limited intakes each year to make sure everyone in the coaching program is well supported by Gabriela herself.

Can you realize your dream alone? Yes, you can, but it will be a tough road for you.

I became a teacher, coach and a speaker with the help of others who mentored and guided me. I sought (and continue to pursue) meaningful and significant professional relationships.

One of my personal encounters eventually realigned me with my vision just when I thought I had already lost it.

With this Course I help you to upgrade yourself, to improve your focus and transform your inner limitations.

Real change needs a positive platform to launch from; you need positive, self-edifying reasons for taking on the challenge.

By exercising new habits every day for a period of 12 days change happens automatically, without a big effort.

You can access all the tools even after the course to continue with me untill you have internalized them and dont want to miss them anymore.

Questions will inspire you and guide your focus to the direction of your goal.

A dream life is open to everyone in all shapes and sizes. For me, I’m in my late thirties. I’m still very young, and I have a big dream ahead of me.

I know you have yours too, but it remains just a dream unless you act on it. In this form, it will eventually die. Stuck in your head, you’ll also develop a story that you don’t think you can do. Can you live a life like that?


Live your full potential! Make it happen and succeed!

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  • 12-day Mindpower Advanced Course
  • 18 Videos and Meditations
  • your own personal trainer who is here for you anytime
  • helpful tips how you can upgrade yourself in your daily life
  • breathing patterns for slow, deep breathing
  • a preparation for further uplevelling in higher dimensions

"Whether you’re looking to completely reinvent your life, put some new daily habits into practice, take that project you’ve always wanted to start and make it happen, or make a big life transition—like starting a whole new career—then you don’t want to miss this transformative course."